Home security is always an important issue. However, if you are going to be away from home during the holidays, you should take extra precautions for security. Here are five ways to keep your home safe while you are away for the holidays.

1. Keep Your Home Safe With a Security System

Installing a security system in your home helps keep your home safe all year round and is especially useful if you decide to go out of town for the holidays. Criminals will often target homes during the holidays because they know this is a time when more people are away visiting friends and family.

If you install a security system with cameras, you will be able to monitor your home remotely and alert the police if you see something amiss. Furthermore, when criminals see outdoor cameras and think that your home is being monitored, they are more likely to move on to another location.

2. Ask a Trusted Neighbor or Friend for Help

The neighbors and friends you trust and have a good relationship with can be helpful when you go away for the holidays. To keep your home safe, you can ask them to collect any mail, packages, or newspapers that might come to your home. Uncollected mail and packages is a sign to criminals that you are out of town. Someone regularly stopping by will also give the appearance that your home isn’t empty.

3. Lock Up

When you go away, make sure everything is locked up. Nearly a third of all burglars come in through an unlocked door or window. Make sure all the windows and doors are secured and locked before you leave to help keep your home safe during the holidays. If you want a neighbor to have a key, give it to them instead of leaving it hidden around your home, on the porch, or in the mailbox. Burglars know to check these common hiding places.

4. Light Timers

It may sound like too easy of a way to keep your home safe, but timers on some of your lights can help ward off burglars. If they think you are home, they will be less likely to try to break in. You can set multiple timers so that your lights turn on and off at different times. Look for a programmable timer that lets you set a variety of times for your lights.

5. Don’t Tell the World Online

You may be excited that you are going away for the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you need to disclose it on the internet. This means that you should wait until you get home before you post pictures of your vacation on social media. Some criminals troll online social media channels for vacation posts and then find out your address. To keep your home safe, the only people who should know you are going away are the neighbors or friends that you trust who are watching your home.

So, by following these few suggestions about how to keep your home safe when you are going away for the holidays, you can reduce the chance of a break-in. Technology has made it possible to monitor your house remotely, so take advantage of it.

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