Home Improvement Projects for Winter That Will Keep You Inside

If you’re feeling unmotivated to do anything around the house this winter, perhaps you’ll be inspired by these home improvement projects for winter. While you are escaping cold and wet weather, you can stay inside and be productive.

Steam Your Rugs & Carpets

Winter brings with it holidays that may fill your home with frequent guests. This can result in heavy foot traffic on your carpets, leaving behind dirt and stains. Give your rugs and carpets a deep cleaning as one of your many home improvement projects for winter.

Since you’ll be stuck indoors much of the season, this is the perfect time to use a steamer on all of the carpets in your home. A steam carpet cleaner will remove years of dirt and stains allowing you to start the new year off with a fresher, cleaner home.

Install Sink Backsplashes

The sinks in your kitchen and bathroom are very busy areas of your home. Between washing dishes, meal preparations, and common bathroom grooming practices, the walls behind your sinks can become dotted with water stains, grease stains, soap stains, and toothpaste stains. These stains will accumulate throughout the years and make your wall look dirty. The water stains can also seep into the drywall to create weak spots due to water damage.

Installing a tile backsplash above your sinks will not only prevent water damage, but it will also add an attractive splash of color and style to¬†your bathroom or kitchen. The great part about installing a sink backsplash is that it’s one of those home improvement projects for winter that is completed entirely within the comfort of your home.

Weatherize Your Home

You might notice cold drafts blowing into your home. These cold drafts are the result of gaps in the framework surrounding your windows and doors. While this is an uncomfortable and energy-wasting problem, it is also a problem that can be easily remedied.

Spend a weekend taking the time to weatherize your home as one of your home improvement projects for winter. Weatherize your windows by reapplying layers of sealant around window panes that have brittle and cracked sealant. Doors can be weatherized by installing adhesive weather stripping around the door edges. Install an adhesive door sweep along the bottom edge of your outside doors to plug gaps and stop drafts.

Updating Your Kitchen Cabinets

Winter gives you a prime opportunity to update your kitchen cabinets. You can opt to install a brand new set of kitchen cabinets for extra storage space and a new design. Alternatively, you can make this project a lot cheaper and less laborious by refurbishing the outside with paint or wood stain as one of your home improvement projects for winter.

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