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Curtis Rodgers

Curtis Rodgers
Certified Professional Home Inspector (CPI)®

Curtis Rodgers is the owner and Certified Professional Home Inspector (CPI)® of Gable to Ground Home Inspections. Every home inspection is an education opportunity, and for people buying a home, there are few things more important than taking the time to learn about where a property’s strengths lie and where repairs or improvements will be necessary. Curtis goes above and beyond as a home inspector to inform and protect his clients, meticulously examining each home so that no one gets caught off guard by potential safety issues or expensive solutions to problem areas that have become defective due to material choice, damage, or deterioration over time.

An Eye for Knowing What’s Right

Curtis has long had an eye for distinguishing between a home’s appearance and its true condition, and this ability has only been augmented by his extensive hands-on experience. For over 10 years, Curtis was an aviation inspector, a job that demands constant attention to detail and careful consideration of the implications of potential problems and the viability of every prospective solution. Curtis also spent more than a decade remodeling homes and working on electrical systems, giving him a keen understanding of what a home should look like when it’s built well and responsibly maintained. Whether you’re looking for a low maintenance home or you’re in the market for a fixer-upper, you can count on Curtis to listen to your needs and thoroughly explain any aspect of the property that may not fit your budget or overall plan.

When he’s not inspecting homes, Curtis enjoys fishing, riding ATVs, and motorcycling. Curtis is a huge supporter of the military and his local community, and he often does benefit rides for various charities and children’s organizations.

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